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Past Events

March 12, 2024 Business Exit Planning - Capturing the Value of your Business
Ed Barone
January 9, 2024 Northcentral EPC Annual Meeting
Susan P. Rounds - Deutsche Bank Wealth Management
September 20, 2023 1031 Exchange and Delaware Statutory Trusts
Gaston Escudero III
May 11, 2023 Secure Act 2.0 Presentation
Leslie Geller
January 25, 2023 Annual Meeting
John Schaffer with Estate Design Law
November 29, 2022 Family Matters: How Business-Owning Families Can Work Together for a Unified Future
Claudia B. Sangster
October 26, 2022 Preserving Family Values by Encouraging Social and Fiscal Responsibility with Modern Trust Structure
Al W. King III, J.D., L.L.M, AEP, TEP
September 27, 2022 An Overview of Planning and Issue-Spotting for Multinational Individuals and Families
Alexander A. Bove, Jr., Esq. and Karen L. Witherell, Esq.
June 28, 2022 Do’s & Don’ts of Estate Planning for Millennials
Christine S. Wakeman, JD
March 29, 2022 Hot Topics in Estate Planning (Finding Gems in the Ashes of the Dumpster Fire)
Paul S. Lee, JD, LLC (taxation)
January 25, 2022 Northcentral EPC Annual Meeting
December 16, 2021 Estate Planning for Modern Families: Planning for Diversity and Flexibility
Wendy S. Goffe, JD, AEP® (Distinguished) Nominee and Kim Kamin, JD, AEP®
November 18, 2021 The Impact of Testamentary Documents in a Divorce: a Divorce Attorneys' Perspective
Natalia C. Wilson, JD
October 21, 2021 "Charitable Approaches & Financial Planning Techniques for High Net-Worth Clients'
Ginger Fuller Mlakar, JD, CPA, AEP®
September 28, 2021 Panel Discussion on "Year End Estate Tax & Financial Planning"
April 1, 2021 Methods to Fund Buy-Sell Agreements
James S. Aussem, JD, AEP®
February 23, 2021 Northcentral EPC Hosts Mike Gregory
Michael Gregory, author
January 26, 2021 Northcentral EPC Annual Meeting
January 20, 2021 January Board Meeting
November 17, 2020 North Central EPC Hosts Bill Boersman
August 25, 2020 North Central EPC Hosts a Chapter Meeting Social
July 28, 2020 North Central EPC Hosts Behavioral Finance
Kit Mac Nee, CFP®, CRPC®, AEP®
June 23, 2020 Northcentral EPC Hosts Online Signing & Notarization of Estate Planning Documents
Timothy Reiniger
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